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      Baoding Huayi Hats Co., Ltd.
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      Baoding Huayi Hats Co., Ltd.

      RUEDIGER, a handmade hat brand of German origin, was officially established in Nuremberg in 2004 and was introduced into China in 2016, and was exclusively authorized to produce and distribute by Huayi Hats Co., Ltd. RUEDIGER incorporate the “nice meet" into the design of the first mind, following the spirit of rigorous and careful German lineage to the design concept and the product details, running “craftsman" culture through in each link, demanding perfection in the film, continuing hand made craft with a low profile attitude, and creating value quality with exquisite design create.

      RUEDIGER handcraft brand, mainly targeted at young men and women aged 20-30, who are young, confident and energetic, yearning for romantic, free and casual life. RUEDIGER is committed to delivering exquisite European lifestyle to them, pursuing concise, downy, classic and romantic poetic collision in product shape and form, allowing people to enjoy life with a romantic and enthusiastic attitude, and look forward to the future with publicity and vitality.

      A hat, an encounter. RUEDIGER redefines the hat, calling for enjoying life in a romantic and enthusiastic manner, looking forward to the future with an open and vigorous attitude, and it esteems fashion culture, quality life and artistic inspiration, links modern and past, adheres to the perfect combination of quality and technology. RUEDIGER will brand ingenuity and fashion gene implication, it’s rich design and color represent its unique personalities, making by animals felt, cloth, straw and natural materials, combination of creative design and craftsmanship, which lead the hats to have excellent tool properties and making individual character as a fashion hats, which is originally used as a shading, heat preservation, protection, and other functions of the hat.