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      Baoding Huayi Hats Co., Ltd.
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      Stetson China Exelusive Agency----Huayi Hats


      Founded in 1865, Stetson was born from the spirit of the West. Stetson’s friendly gesture towards a wayward traveler on the new frontier gave birth to what is now known, the world over, as the “cowboy hat.” Ever since, Stetson has been a global leader in headwear, a trusted household name around the world, and has become standard equipment for rugged cowboys and western aficionados everywhere.

      Launched by the success of Western hats, The John B. Stetson Company grew by leaps and bounds. By 1915 the factory, still in Philadelphia, consisted of 25 buildings employing 5,500 and producing 3.4 million hats annually.

      Worn by world leaders, ranch hands, movie stars, and businessmen, Stetson hats emerged as an American icon. Hats were ubiquitous among the American public throughout much of the twentieth century. And Stetson was the industry leader.

      Stetson now is coming to China! Huayi HATS has become to be the exclusive distributor for Stetson in China. At Stetson, we believe deeply in the values of the American West: Individuality, integrity, and lasting style. We strive to provide an authentic American experience and tip our hats to great legends in the making.